The correct skincare routine

Corretta skincare routine - donna allo specchio con crema

A skincare routine is a good habit we should all have. Taking care of our skin is essential not only for our aesthetic appearance, but also for the health of our skin and our body in general.

A proper skincare routine involves some very important steps, which we will see below, but it starts with knowing your skin and choosing the best products to achieve noticeable and effective results. That’s why we invite you to visit our shop, where you can find natural, organic and professional products for a well-groomed, impurity-free and healthy skin.

What is the correct skincare routine?

First, skincare should be done regularly twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, it is important to remove impurities and dead skin cells accumulated during the night, while in the evening, makeup and impurities accumulated during the day are removed.
There are five steps to a proper skincare routine, but it is not necessary to do them all twice a day. Specifically, skincare is divided into:

  • Cleansing;
  • Exfoliation;
  • Mask application;
  • Serum/eye contour application;
  • Cream application.

Let’s look at them in detail.


To be done both in the morning and in the evening, morning cleansing allows you to remove dead cells, sebum and other impurities accumulated during the night hours. Even more attention should be given to this step in the evening, which is why we recommend you do it twice, once to remove makeup and a second time to cleanse the skin and prepare it for the next steps.

Be careful, however, cleansing is essential, but it should be done with different products depending on your skin type. Dry skin is best treated with creams and oils, oily skin with gels and foams, and in special cases, such as skin with acne, it is best to use very gentle products, such as micellar water.
On the other hand, we do not recommend using makeup removal wipes, as they are often soaked in chemicals that can irritate the skin.


Exfoliation involves removing dead skin cells so that the skin becomes more even and radiant. Unlike cleansing, it can be done as little as once a week.

There are different types of exfoliants that can be used, each of which uses a different technique: scrub, peel, etc., and which suit different skin types.

Mask application

Just like exfoliation, mask application is not something to be done every day, but once or twice a week is sufficient. Likewise, it is important to choose the right mask for your skin type.
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Serum and eye contour application

At this point, for a proper skincare routine, it is time to move on to serum, a concentrate of different active ingredients that are useful for the skin, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Shea butter, etc. Choosing the right serum is critical for all skin types.
The eye contour is an essential and necessary product, as usually creams have textures that are not suitable for the naturally more delicate skin around the eyes.

Cream application

Finally, the last step for a proper skincare routine can only be the application of cream. This should be applied twice a day (morning and evening) and should be chosen according to skin type.

One aspect that should not be overlooked when choosing the cream is seasonality: if in summer it is good to choose creams that are light but protect from the sun, in winter it is better to opt for more protective creams.

Keep following us for more useful tips on your skincare routine and beyond, and visit our online shop to buy your favorite products.