Anti-aging serum with Goji Berry Extract and Vegetable Collagen

Ideal serum for all skin types, it has a powerful antioxidant, remineralizing and anti-free radical action. It prevents cellular degeneration and, thanks to its super-moisturizing properties, relaxes the facial features and reduces wrinkles. The Goji berry extract, due to the high content of antioxidants, effectively counteracts the formation of free radicals, provides precious minerals such as: Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium, in addition to Vitamins A, C and E capable of stimulate cell renewal. Vegetable Collagen, combined with Elastin, deeply stimulate the production of dermal matrix by plumping the connective tissue, hydrating the epidermis on the surface. The presence of precious Hyaluronic Acid ensures a significant surplus of hydration.

Active Components: Goji Berry Extract, Vegetable Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid.

Goji Berry Extract:
Goji Berries, with natural anti-aging properties, are now recognized as one of the fruits with the most antioxidant powers on the planet, as well as being very rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, polysaccharides, fatty acids (essential, linoleic and alpha-linoleic) and other valuable nutrients. They contain more beta-carotene than carrots (an important pigment which, converted into vitamin A by our body, helps it to fight free radicals, in tissue growth and repair, in the protection of polluting agents and, converted into retinol, to protect the health of eyes). Berries contain more iron than spinach and more protein than grains; they have 21 minerals, including zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, selenium, contain 18 amino acids, vitamin E, and 500 times the amount of vitamin C than that contained in oranges; vitamins B1, B2 and B6 which facilitate the construction of new cells and the functioning of the nervous system.

Vegetable Collagen (Acacia Senegal):
Collagen is a very important protein that our body produces and which serves above all to protect and keep the skin elastic. In order to use only products of plant origin, a molecule was sought that could replace those of collagen of animal origin, and it was identified in the Acacia of Senegal, a tree of tropical origin which grows above all in Senegal, where it is considered a national wealth.

it is a protein that forms the elastic fibers of the connective tissues, it is produced by cells that take the name of fibroblasts and its fundamental task is to give elasticity and tone to the skin. It is mainly composed of amino acids and forms the connective tissue. Elastinform, with Collagen and Fibronectin (the protein responsible for healing), the support network of the skin. Our body synthesizes elastin throughout development, up to about the age of 20. In adulthood, the production of Elastin is progressively reduced, causing the loss of tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin, facilitating the onset of wrinkles and stretch marks. The external contribution of Elastin helps to counteract the aging process and the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid:
it is a natural molecule of our body (connective tissues), like a gel it binds the collagen and elastic fibers together and gives the skin resistance and mechanical protection to the skin. Artificially produced hyaluronic acid is identical to the natural one and for this reason it does not pose allergy problems. It is famous for its immediate lifting and anti-aging effect, it is responsible for the firmness of the skin, maintaining the right level of humidity, thanks to the ability to retain water inside the epidermis. Topical application determines the formation of an external film which reduces transpiratio insensibilis ensuring soft, smooth and hydrated skin.